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LED Nameplate Maker and Manufacturer in Bangladesh

LED Nameplate Maker and Manufacturer in Bangladesh

In the bustling market of Dhaka University, where choices abound, one name stands out in the realm of signage and nameplate design—LED SIGN BAZAR. Established in 2006, this reputable company has earned its stripes as the premier Nameplate Maker and Manufacturer Shop in Bangladesh. LED Nameplate Maker and Manufacturer in Bangladesh.

LED Nameplate Maker and Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Unparalleled Custom LED Lighting Signage

For over a decade, LED SIGN BD LTD has been synonymous with top-notch Custom LED lighting signage. When it comes to elevating your brand, our expertise is unparalleled. We specialize in crafting bespoke designs for various purposes, be it home, office, or commercial spaces.

Tailored Name Plate Designs for Every Occasion

Discover a world of possibilities with our extensive range of nameplate designs. From classic door name plates to avant-garde digital LED sign boards, we cater to diverse needs. Whether it’s a sleek marble design, a rustic plywood finish, or a contemporary acrylic sheet creation, we have it all. Stay ahead with the latest trends in name plate design, keeping your space updated and stylish.

Office Name Plate Excellence | LED Nameplate Maker and Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Smrity Enterprise, a subsidiary of LED SIGN BD LTD, takes pride in offering premium office name plate solutions. Our range includes everything from lighting logos and 3D letters to acrylic and stainless-steel letters. Transform your office space with our sophisticated office name plate designs that exude professionalism.

Customized Wooden Name Plates for a Personal Touch

Make a statement with our customized wooden name plates for homes, offices, and apartments. Imprint your identity on your space with unique designs that leave a lasting impression. Our expertise extends to crafting wooden name plates for walls, doors, and even main gates, ensuring a touch of warmth and individuality.

The Art of LED Sign Boards

From digital LED lighting sign boards to programmable LED signs, LED SIGN BD LTD is at the forefront of innovation. Step into the future with our LED signs that blend seamlessly with modern aesthetics. Our LED sign boards are not just signs; they are statements that illuminate your brand.

Unleash Creativity with Unique Materials

Explore the endless possibilities of materials like granite, PVC, and acrylic sheets in our name plate designs. Our 2022 collection includes a variety of materials and finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect complement for your space.

Celebrate Achievements with Prestigious Crest Designs

Distinguish yourself with our prestigious crest designs, ranging from crystal crests to metal and laser-cut crests. Whether it’s a posthumous crest, an appreciation crest, or a milestone celebration, we craft each piece with precision and artistry.

Beyond Name Plates – Customized Gifts and Trophies

Immerse yourself in our world of customization, extending beyond name plates to personalized gifts, trophies, and medals. With our cutting-edge technology, we create 2D and 3D prints, metal and plastic pens, and a variety of badges to suit every occasion.

Handcrafted Quality You Can Trust

At LED SIGN BD LTD, we take pride in our in-house manufacturing capabilities. From metal badges to plastic pens, all our products are meticulously crafted in our state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring unparalleled quality.

Your One-Stop Shop for Signage and More

Located in the heart of Dhaka at the renowned Dhaka University Market, LED SIGN BD LTD is your one-stop shop for all things signage. Our extensive range includes digital sign boards, metal and plastic crests, and a plethora of gifts, all manufactured in-house.


Elevate your brand with LED SIGN BD LTD, the Best Nameplate Maker and Manufacturer Shop in Bangladesh since 2006. Step into a world of creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship that goes beyond mere signage. Transform your space with our bespoke designs, and let your brand shine bright with LED SIGN BD LTD.