You are currently viewing PVC Sheet Prices in Bangladesh 2024
PVC Sheet Prices in Bangladesh 2024

PVC Sheet Prices in Bangladesh 2024

Are you on the lookout for top-notch PVC sheets in Bangladesh at unbeatable prices? Your search ends here! Led Sign Bazar, a trailblazer in the industry since 2006, stands tall as the premier manufacturer and seller of PVC sheets in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Unveiling Affordable PVC Sheets from Ishatech Advertising Ltd. PVC Sheet Prices in Bangladesh 2024.

PVC Sheet Prices in Bangladesh 2024

Ishatech Advertising Ltd: Revolutionizing PVC Sheets

Quality at Its Best

Ishatech Advertising Ltd takes pride in offering a diverse range of PVC sheets, meeting the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to excellence has made us a trusted name in the market.

Unbeatable Prices

Discover cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Ishatech Advertising Ltd brings you PVC sheets at incredibly affordable prices, ensuring that our customers get the best value for their money.

Exploring PVC Sheet Prices (Per Square Foot) in Bangladesh

Let’s dive into the irresistible PVC sheet prices offered by Led Sign BD Ltd.

  • 1MM PVC Board: BDT 20৳ per square foot
  • 2MM PVC Board: BDT 25৳ per square foot
  • 3MM PVC Board: BDT 30৳ per square foot
  • 4MM PVC Board: BDT 35৳ per square foot
  • 5MM PVC Board: BDT 45৳ per square foot
  • 6MM PVC Board: BDT 50৳ per square foot
  • 7MM PVC Board: BDT 55৳ per square foot
  • 8MM PVC Board: BDT 60৳ per square foot
  • 9MM PVC Board: BDT 65৳ per square foot
  • 10MM PVC Board: BDT 70৳ per square foot
  • 11MM PVC Board: BDT 75৳ per square foot
  • 12MM PVC Board: BDT 80৳ per square foot
  • 13MM PVC Board: BDT 85৳ per square foot
  • 14MM PVC Board: BDT 90৳ per square foot
  • 15MM PVC Board: BDT 95৳ per square foot

Diverse Offerings Beyond PVC Sheets

A glimpse of our versatile products:

  • ACP Sheet Prices in Bangladesh
    • Explore a range of PVC Foam Board models at competitive prices.
    • White-coated paper card boards at 230g for various applications.
    • Alands Plastic PVC Foam Board in 3mm and 5mm thickness.
    • White 19mm Sintra PVC Foam Board and 3mm-4mm Celuka Board.
  • uPVC Eco Sheet Prices
    • Support uPVC Eco Sheet 1.75mm E.White-8’x4′: BDT 260৳
    • Support uPVC Skin Finish Sheet 12mm: BDT 160৳
    • Support uPVC Eco Sheet Wood 1.75mm: BDT 360৳
    • …and more!

Why Choose Ishatech Advertising Ltd?

  • Wide Range, Affordable Prices
    • Ishatech Advertising Ltd caters to all your PVC sheet needs at the most competitive prices in Bangladesh.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Our products are synonymous with quality. Ishatech Advertising Ltd prioritizes delivering excellence in every PVC sheet.
  • Easy Online Shopping
    • Enjoy the convenience of online shopping with the largest online store in Bangladesh.

In Conclusion: The Best PVC Board Prices Await You!

Your quest for the best PVC board prices in Bangladesh concludes with Ishatech Advertising Ltd. Dive into an unmatched online shopping experience, explore exclusive prices, and enjoy swift home delivery across Dhaka, Sylhet, Chattogram (Chittagong), Khulna, and beyond. Order now and witness excellence at your doorstep! PVC Sheet Prices in Bangladesh 2024.